School Introduction

We built our school with these feelings and we teach classes with these feelings

(1) JSLN Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school for foreigners living near Nagoya. You can start studying at any time, regardless of age or nationality, as long as you have a visa valid for your stay in Japan. An example of valid visas are family stay visas, work visas, short-term visas or working holiday visas.

(2) Many existing Japanese language schools are targeted at international students who wish to go on to higher education. However, it is not only foreign students who want or need to learn Japanese. Japanese language learning is the most important task for foreigners living in Japan, working and living with their families, and is essential for long-term survival in Japanese society. We often heard people saying “We don't have enough time, but we want to study!” In order to respond to these voices, we established JSLN Japanese Language School as a place where students can go while maintaining the basics of life such as work and child care.

(3) In classes, we always think from the perspective of students what kind of Japanese language they need to make a good relationships in various places such as in a company, at a part-time job, at a child's school and so on. Our philosophy for our school and our classes is "To give as many students the possibility to study!” and to “To teach each student what they individually need to learn.

FEATUREJSLN Japanese Language School Characteristics

Feature.01Classes averaging 6 students per class.

When learning not only Japanese but also any other foreign language, the smaller the number of students in the class, the more effective the learning. For this reason, Japanese language schools offer "small groups", but generally speaking, Japanese schools generally have around 15 to 20 people when they say "small groups". In such classes, students have less chance to speak. We want students to use what they have learned, and to ask questions when they have them so we stick to true "small group system" and average 6 students per class.

Classes averaging 6 students per class.

Feature.02Class content tailored to the individual students.

Our classes are small, so each student has a lot of opportunities to talk, and teachers and students can understand each other well. The teacher in charge of each class always thinks from the students point of view and teaches what the students wants and needs to learn. There is nothing greater than learning to be able to speak. The experience of being connected to someone else leads to motivation for further improvement.

Class content tailored to the individual students.

Feature.03Cheap lesson fees.

Our school is a Japanese language school for students who already have a valid visa, such as a spouse visa, a family stay visa, or a working holiday visa. As a result, there is no need to pay for a visa application, which allows us to offer high quality classes at the lowest price in Nagoya.

Cheap lesson fees.

EVENTSchool Event

JSLN Japanese Language Schools conducts various events throughout the year. Such as potluck party with students bringing in food from their home countries, Japanese sweets making, practicing calligraphy, etc…

  • Flower viewing party.

    Flower viewing party.

    Spring in Japan means a flower viewing party. Lets all pack our lunch and go check them out!

  • First calligraphy of the year.

    First calligraphy of the year.

    Japanese characters can be difficult, but lets have fun learning them!

  • Hiking


    When we have nice weather lets get outside and enjoy it!

  • Autumn leaf viewing.

    Autumn leaf viewing.

    Lets go visit Momiji Temple in nearby Inuyama City.

  • Tanabata (Star festival).

    Tanabata (Star festival).

    Of course of first wish is to be able to speak great Japanese.

  • Visiting the disaster prevention center.

    Visiting the disaster prevention center.

    Learning what to do in case of an earthquake.

  • Christmas


    Lets all enjoy a Christmas Party.

  • First shrine visit of the year.

    VisitFirst shrine visit of the year.

    Proper manners to visit a Japanese shrine.

OUR POLICYSchool Philosophy

We are a fun Japanese Language School.

In order to improve your Japanese it is necessary to continue studying. We believe that classes must be fun for that purpose. Because no one wants to continue doing something that they don’t enjoy doing. There are two parts to making studying fun and enjoyable. The first is that by studying Japanese you are able to do something that you could not do before. The second is coming to school and spending time with friends because classes are interesting. JSLN wants to continue being a Japanese language school where students can enjoy studying.

GREETINGDirector's Greetings

Not teacher and student
but rather one on one

Our job is to help students from various countries who come to Japan and want to learn Japanese to allow them to broaden their horizons. To that end, we would like to teach Japanese in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, as well as being approachable to students as friends. When you are having fun, you laugh from the heart, and when you do not understand or you are bothered, we are there to encourage you. Since we have opened our school we have been able to spend everyday like this with our students. That is the power of JSLN Japanese Language School. Many people will continue to work to build such a relationship, and we hope to continue making our school better and better.

Representative Nobuyasu Hiramatsu / Principal Haruka Matsuura

Not teacher and student but rather one on one
School Outline
School Name JSLN Japanese Language School
Representative’s Name Hiramatsu Nobuyasu
Location 450-0002
Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi
Nakamura-ku, Meieki 2-41-17,
OA dai2 Building 7F
Telephone Number 050-1584-8161


Only a 5 minute walk from Nagoya Station.

CONTACT Contact information

All inquires and questions are answered by the Japanese teacher best specializing in the area of inquiry. Due to this the teacher best able to reply may be in class and unable to answer immediately. We ask for your cooperation and to make a reservation before visiting the school so we can be sure the best teacher for you is available to speak with you.