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Short-term Intensive Class Characteristics

FEATURE.01Core curriculum

As we limit the number of students in one class to a small number, we know well the proficiency of each student. Depending on the abilities and needs of the students in the class we can adjust the progress and content to best suit the students. Whether this means speeding up, slowing down, moving ahead to advanced content, reviewing what has been forgotten, etc.

FEATURE.02Classes to improve communication.

The purpose of studying Japanese is not to pack in tons of Japanese knowledge. The purpose of many Japanese language students students attending a Japanese language school is to be able to speak Japanese and use it to expand their world and possibilities. In our classes we do not spend time solving problems in a textbook. Answering problems in a textbook can be done on your own. Speaking practice is only possible in class so that is our main focus.

FEATURE.03It is possible to begin at any time. It is possible to take a trial lesson at anytime.

If you cannot start at the beginning of the semester due to work, or if you cannot arrive in Japan in time, JSLN Japanese Language School will allow you to enter partway through a semester without waiting for the next semester to begin. We also offer free trial lessons for you to see if the atmosphere and level of the class matches. Once you are satisfied with the content and quality of the class, you can decide whether you would like to enroll.

PHOTOSIntensive class environment

Our intensive class makes these students perfectly.

Intensive classes are classes where you can study intensively during the weekday. If you just came to Japan and often cannot get by without relying on your family and good Japanese friends, if you want to quickly become good at Japanese in order start working, or if your have studied Japanese but cannot speak with confidence, then intensive classes are perfect for you.

Recommended1For students who have just arrived in Japan

In our short-term intensive classes, there are many Japanese spouses who have just come to Japan and want to study Japanese during the weekday. This is a good way to study while getting used to Japanese life.

Recommended2For students who want to intensely focus on their studies during a short period of time

If you want to study intensively until you can live in Japan on your own, if you want to learn more and start working part-time or begin learning quickly, then intensive courses are best for you. We have many classes to meet your needs and schedule. At our school this is our most popular program.

Recommended3For students who have studied Japanese previously but are unable to speak Japanese.

If you are self-taught from a textbook only, you will not be confident in listening and speaking, and you may not be good at communicating. For intensive classes, you have a lot of time to practice speaking and quickly improve your speaking and listening skills to match your reading and writing ability.

Intensive class

The intensive classes have both a beginner and intermediate course. Both are "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday" 4 days a week, 2 hours a day. There is no class on Wednesdays, so you can spend time reviewing and doing homework. You can also work part-time and get a chance to speak Japanese outside the classroom.

BEGINNERBeginner course

Beginner course
Entrance Fees 10,000 yen plus tax.
(Payable only when applying for your first course.)
Student Fees 99,000 yen plus tax.
(for 3 months)

First of all, lets convey what you want to say in simple Japanese.

JSLN Japanese Language School aims not only for you to “understand” grammatical knowledge but also to be able to speak. Therefore, in addition to teaching the contents of the textbooks in all courses, we make sure to provide sufficient conversation practice time that use actual situations. In particular, the beginner's class is an important period for acquiring grammar and expressions that form the foundation for all Japanese communication. Although it is slow, you will feel your range of communication expanding day by day as your grow stronger and stronger. In the first half of the beginner's class, we begin by getting used to Japanese characters, sounds, and rhythms, and then learn basic Japanese used in daily conversations such as greetings. Little by little you will be able to use your own words to talk about your emotions and the things around you. In the second half of the beginner's course, you will be able to begin understanding Japanese spoken by Japanese people, and while it may be somewhat unnatural or take time, you will be able to convey much of what you want to convey. There are many students who are able to start a part-time job within 6~12 months of beginning.

  • As you are becoming adjusted to life in Japan.
  • Students staying for a short-term in Japan.
  • Before entering junior high school or high school.

INTERMEDIATEIntermediate course

Intermediate course
Entrance Fees 10,000 yen plus tax.
(Payable only when applying for your first course.)
Student Fees 108,000 yen plus tax.
(for 3 months)

More natural Japanese in more and more different situations

In the first half, while using the Japanese you obtained in the beginners course you will be able to explain and express yourself more accurately. You will begin to acquire simple honorific expressions. In the second half, you will learn more complex vocabulary and expressions, use different Japanese language in various situations, and become more natural and more comfortable communicating. You will also learn reading skills and information gathering skills to help you be able to cope with everyday situations.

  • More natural communication
  • Descriptive power, expressive power
  • Ability to learn by yourself, strengthening information gathering ability

Application Requirements

Application Requirements
Intensive Course
Available Courses Beginner course & Intermediate course
New Course Opening Period January semester (January to March)
April semester (April to June)
July semester (July to September)
October semester (October to December)
If you have already studied Japanese and are at the matching level for class that has already begun, you can join immediately.
Also, if there are several people who have never studied Japanese at all, classes may be offered on an irregular basis for people with zero learning experience.
New Course Opening Period 3 months(90 hours)
Class Time 2 hours × 45 lessons
Entrance Fees 10,000 yen plus tax.
(Payable only when applying for your first course.)
Student Fees Beginner course 99,000 yen plus tax.(for 3 months)
Intermediate course 108,000 yen plus tax.(for 3 months)

FLOWEnrollment process

To enter our school, you need to have a valid visa for the expected period of study. The type of visa does not matter. Tourist visas and working holiday visas both okay. Please contact us to schedule a time to visit the school for a level check and counseling about what you would like to study. After the level check, we will guide you to the appropriate course. If we already have a suitable class at your level, you can arrange to take a trial lesson. After making the tuition payment, you will be officially accepted.


Please contact us to schedule a time to visit the school

The class schedule is updated every three months. Please contact us either by phone, by filling out the inquiry form or by email. We will then schedule a time for a level check and counseling.


Level check and counseling

We will personally see to your request and will guide you to the appropriate course.Please be sure to bring your residence card or passport with you.


Trial lesson

We can arrange a free trial lesson at your appropriate level so you can see a real class.


Application, tuition fee payment information, entrance

Payment needs to be made by the specified date either by bank transfer or in cash.

CONTACT Contact information

All inquires and questions are answered by the Japanese teacher best specializing in the area of inquiry. Due to this the teacher best able to reply may be in class and unable to answer immediately. We ask for your cooperation and to make a reservation before visiting the school so we can be sure the best teacher for you is available to speak with you.

Please be aware that we can only accept students who are already in possession of a valid Visa. We are unfortunately unable to help with visa related issues including issuing, extending, changing or appealing visa decisions. Thank you for your understanding.

CALENDARIntensive Course

The class schedule for our short-term intensive program changes every three months. The terms are:
January semester (January to March) ,April semester (April to June) ,July semester (July to September) ,October semester (October to December)

The class schedule is normally confirmed one month prior to the beginning of each term. The application period opens at that time. However, if you have already studied Japanese and there is already a class at your appropriate level, after taking the level check and trial lesson, and you can join immediately. You can start studying as soon as you like, without waiting for the next semester. Also, even if you have never studied Japanese at all, if there are several similar students, we may offer to start a new class for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time, regardless of level.